What Is Cultivate?

Cultivate is a network for those interested in creating and developing new and evolving forms of church in Canada. It is a highly relational network, interested less in gurus and models and more in swapping stories and being friends. All of the events and initiatives we plan are designed to be highly interactive, each of us a co-learner and co-teacher in this little adventure known as church. We value relationships over programs and would welcome an opportunity to meet with you, have coffee, or pizza, or whatever, and learn from one another.

Why Network?

Moored in the beliefs that something inevitably arises out of network, and that a theological richness is stirred up by the sharing of stories – normal, earthy, average stories, Cultivate coalesces as a group of people pleading, begging, thinking, working toward, and hoping for new and unique approaches to a Kingdom mentality that listens and responds to the communities within which people find themselves. It hopes to provide permission and belonging for all whose expression of church involves “painting outside the traditional boundaries of church.”

For more information, drop us a line any time: cultivatenetwork@gmail.com

Learning Parties

We host one-day events designed to be everything good about a conference without the usual rigamarole… and much more fun and interactive. We try to create an environment where we can simply be friends, inspire each other, and swap stories, ideas, and encouragement.

Instead of charging in the hundreds of dollars for one ticket it’s only $25 per person… and that includes a delicious lunch.

Instead of maxing out our capacity, we limit our numbers to give everyone there the best possible environment for conversations and networking. Instead of you listening to message after message by “gurus” and being filled with information, we want you to be part of great conversations with people in similar shoes and learn and grow within that relationship.

How Do Learning Parties Work?

Learning parties are divided into five segments:

Segment one and five (the first and last) are for “experience” segments, and they involve various forms of worship (ie. music, communion, lectio divina, prayer, etc.)

Segment two, three, and four are learning segments on three different themes. In each of these segments we have 2 or 3 practitioners speak for 10 minutes each and tell a story related to the theme of the segment, then there is time to interact with them on their ideas/stories, then we break into “party pods” and interact on various topics related to the theme. These “party pods” are free-flowing and people can enter and exit the conversations they so choose. There are no facilitators for these, they are very informal and organic.

Segment two is for “listening” and the stories we will hear and the topics we will discuss are about listening to the Spirit, the culture, others, etc.

Segment three is for “forming” and the stories we will hear and the topics we will discuss are about forming: community, teams, neighbourhoods, spiritual practices, etc.

Segment four is for “innovating” and the stories we will hear and the topics we will discuss are about new ideas, creativity, the arts, etc.

When Is The Next One?

Our next learning party is currently being planned for Spring 2014. More details soon.

Registration for the learning party is only $25 per person (and that includes a delicious lunch). You can register by emailing us with the names and email addresses of those you are registering. You can pay in advance using PayPal (at the link below) or when you email us let us know you don’t want to register by PayPal and we’ll advise you of other ways to ensure your spot.

Leadership Team

Pernell Goodyear

Pernell and his wife Margie have three kids: Samantha, Lucas, and Jacob… and a miniature schnauzer named, “Bear.” They live in London, Ontario where Pernell serves as a pastor at Hillside Church. Previously they lived in Hamilton where Pernell started and led a holistic Christian community (and coffee house) known as The Freeway, in one of Canada’s most under-resourced neighbourhoods.

Tiffany Shurr

Tiffany and her husband Nathan (along with their great dane, “Miss Betty”) live in Guelph Ontario. TIffany is a full-time Business Development Manager at Eagle’s Flight Inc. and has a jewellery making business called Emma Designs – that serves as a creative outlet to connect with women wherever she goes. She is passionate about interacting with people and connecting with where people are in their lives.

Jay Gurnett

Jay is a former newspaper editor, performing arts presenter and college faculty member. He participated in the leadership of three Western Canada church plants and led a one-year discipleship program in Edmonton for several years. He is currently the associate director of Vision Ministries. Jay currently lives in London, Ontario along with his wife Margie. He has 5 kids and 8 grandkids (so far).

Joel Zantingh

Joel lives in Guelph, Ontario with his wife Christie, their four children… and a Tibetan Terrier named, “Tashiwa.” He began serving as a pastor with Royal City Church in Guelph in its second year of life, and saw God develop it into a vibrant, disciple-making community over his 11 years there. Joel currently serves as a regional minister with the EMCC.